Software Product Development Services

Software product development services – get assistance at any product lifecycle stage, from ideation to evolution. A software product development company with a diverse tech portfolio, XT Online Software will accelerate your product’s time-to-market and secure its marketability.


New product development

  • Analyzing the context of the product use: needs and expectations of target users, estimated target market, device preference.
  • Feature modeling includes backbone and killer features to make the product marketable.
  • Researching applicable compliance requirements.
  • Planning product releases and prioritizing features.
  • Architecting a product using an optimal approach (multi-tenancy, microservices, etc.).
  • Designing UX and UI.
  • Elaborating subscription plans (if needed).
  • Delivering product releases according to the plan.

Continuous product evolution

  • Implementing behavior analytics to spot frictions in user journeys.
  • Planning UX and UI improvements based on behavior analytics insights and user feedback.
  • Delivering new functional modules and features envisaged in the product roadmap.
  • Managing technical backlog.
  • Developing APIs to expand your product’s integration capabilities.
  • Migrating the product to the cloud or changing a cloud provider.
  • Product support.

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