Terms of Use

For the purposes of this installation, XT Online Software will be integrated to LICENSEE’s backoffice and/or software platform known as: Accounting Site. To perform the integration the PROVIDERS must facilitate the necessary integration documentation or “API” and technical support to LICENSEE.

The implementation of all change requests can only be performed by authorized PROVIDERS personnel unless otherwise specified in advance If a change request does not comply with guidelines the request can by declined by the PROVIDERS. However, if possible, an alternative to the LICENSEE’s request must be provided.

XT ONLINE SOFTWARE will provide technical support to LICENSEE during its regular business hours. A 24/7 communication channel will be made available to LICENSEE for off hours emergencies.

The PROVIDERS will install a copy of the XT Online Software components,

The PROVIDERS as required during the term of this agreement will provide on-going supportand software updates and upgrades.

The LICENSEE will provide server-level hardware and “hosting” with the following software pre-installed on the server(s) in question:

  • Windows 20012 Server Standard
  • SQL Server 2012 Standard
  • The latest SQL service pack for the SQL Server version installed
  • IIS Server version 7.0 +
  • .Net Framework 3.5

LICENSEE must provide an adequate internet connection to the servers at all times.

The license granted to LICENSEE by this agreement is the “FULL” level, XT Online Software MC[2] license. As such it supports the following:

One IIS Webserver

One SQL Database server.

The number of “instances” (websites) under the license granted is limited only by the number that can be properly supported by the servers

Full XT Online Software MC[2] feature set plus the following added features:

Skin support

Support for WSM (Webservices for Mobile) but not included in this agreement (optional and contracted separately)

it will support multiple instances hence, as many websites, set of accounts and configuration settings including but not limited to security rights, routing rules, velocities checks, profiles and transaction limits.

SSL Certificate. We recommend as part of any secure transaction processing system, that a secure transport layer be implemented such as a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Data and Database Backups. A sounds data and database backup strategy is to be implemented and maintained by LICENSEE to ensure data recovery from hardware failure, software malfunctions, human error or natural/unnatural disasters.

Network and servers security and monitoring. This will be the responsibility of LICENSEE and the PROVIDERS agree to follow all LICENSEE’s guidelines and restrictions.

The LICENSEE agrees to the following costs, software royalties and payment schedule as per detailed in Appendix A of this agreement.

LICENSEE agrees and commits to make payments on time.

If for whatever reason LICENSEE cannot make payment on the agreed date it can request a license extension. Extensions can only be issued twice and for periods no longer that a calendar week at a time.

If LICENSEE is unable to make payment after a maximum of two license extensions LICENSEE understand and agrees that the service will be discontinued and that it will be subject to a 500usd reactivation penalty fee that will have to be paid in full and in advance along with any pending payments before service can be reestablished.

If service is, discontinue for more than 2 months LICENSEE will have to pay all regular pending licensing fees, a 500usd reactivation fee and the regular reinstallation fee detailed in Appendix A of this agreement.

LICENSEE also agrees that in the case, the XT Online Software platform is contracted and the initial payment is submitted to XT Online Software Ltda it will not be entitle to a refund if the XT Online Software components contracted are not installed for whatever reason outside XT Online Software LTDA. control. If however, LICENSEE sends a written notification to XT Online Software LTDA. within the first two (2) months of signing the agreement and submitting the initial payment, LICENSEE will be entitle to the installation at no extra cost; as long as installation takes place on the first three (3) months after LICENSEE contracted the XT Online Software platform and submitted the initial payment. If installation takes place after three (3) months from signing the agreement and submitting, the initial payment LICENSEE will have to pay the regular reinstallation fee as detailed in Appendix A of this agreement.

When collected, the initial payment paid to Providers is not refundable. However, LICENSEE will have the amount assigned as a credit to its benefit to be used afterwards for the same or similar XT ONLINE SOFTWARE component.

For payments within the United States contact your representative for the appropriate instructions.

Payment is due two weeks from the receipt of the invoice. Delinquency in accounts will result in the revocation of the LICENSEE’s right to use or access the Software.

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