Vulnerability Detection

The use of automated mechanisms for vulnerability detection includes benefits, such as the speed in which tests can be executed and of course, the reduction of costs compared to penetration tests or manual code reviews, however, it must be seen as an additional measure rather than a replacement for specialized manual methods.

Security Automatation


Dynamic scans for applications offer the ability to emulate a penetration scan for common vulnerabilities.


Static scans detect vulnerabilities or bugs directly in the source code, uncovering risks not detectable by DAST or penetration analysis.

Network Scans

We perform vulnerability scans both on the perimeter and inside your organization using ASV (Approved Scanning Vendor)

Continuous Security

We offer all automated mechanisms integrated as part of our continuous security platform, making it easy for you to manage vulnerabilities.

Read Teams Operations

Threat Intelligence

With global and government sources, we proactively validate new threats and coordinate alerts with incident response teams.


Investigation on adversary or malicious sites, social networks, Deep web and Darknets

Threat Emulation

We test your security mechanisms by simulating real attacks, coordinated incognito.

Social Engineering

We measure how your organization behaves in situations that put information at risk, whether by telephone, in person or by email.

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